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  • name of parties involved for the lease agreement 
  • address and description of the property
  • rental / lease period 
  • rental / lease amount
  • conditions that must be met before the offer can take effect, such as:
    • deposit
    • inspecting the property
    • lessee's obligations
  • other conditions of the agreement, such as:
    • exterior maintenance
    • insurance
    • vacation of premises
    • court proceedings
    • damage to lessee's property
    • lessor's liability
    • costs 
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lease agreement download
lease agreement download
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Sample of the Lease Agreement below ...

Lease Agreement (Sample)

(for residential property)









The Premises



Garage/parking bay:



Date rent paid

Monthly on:





1.              Lease

1.1                           The LANDLORD hereby lets to the TENANT, who hereby hires, the Premises (described above).

1.2                           _____________________________________________________________________


2.             Period

The period of the lease is _____________________________________________________. 

3.             Rental

3.1                           The rental is the amount stated on the first page of this agreement. It is payable by the TENANT to the LANDLORD each month.

3.2                           _______________________________________________________________________

4.             Deposit

4.1                           As security for fulfillment of all of its obligations in terms of this lease, the TENANT must pay _________________________________________________________________________.


5.              Inspection

5.1               The LANDLORD and TENANT jointly inspected or will jointly inspect the Premises before the __________________________________________________________________________ GOOD STATE OF REPAIR AND CONDITION, AND SUITABLE FOR THE PURPOSE FOR WHICH IT WAS LET.


Full signature by the tenant as acknowledgment and acceptance of the above clause

5.2               Within 3 days before the lease expires, the LANDLORD and TENANT must jointly inspect the ___________________________________________________________________________.

6.              The Tenant’s obligations

6.1                           The TENANT must:

6.1.1                                        pay the rent, timeously and without remission, set-off or deduction for any reason (except where allowed for in terms of clause 11.1 – damage to the Premises);

6.1.2                                        notify the LANDLORD _______________________________________________

6.2                           pay all the ordinary ‘consumption’ charges in respect of the Premises, including the _______________________________________________________________________

7.              The Landlord’s obligations

The LANDLORD must:

7.1                           provide vacant occupation of the Premises to the TENANT at the start of the lease and allow the TENANT undisturbed enjoyment of the Premises during the lease;

7.2                           __________________________________________________________________________

8.              Insurance and Damage

9.              Landlord’s Liability

10.          Court proceedings

11.          Damage to or destruction of the Premises




Signed at [place] _____________________________ on [date] _________________20__





Signed at [place] _____________________________ on [date] _________________20__